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6-Month Massage Package


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6-Month Massage Packages for Monthly and Twice-monthly Massage 


We are delighted to welcome you to our services at The Lindsey Group.  By now you may have heard about, or perhaps tried, other monthly massage membership services.  But not all of these services are worthy to be "envied."  We offer, what we believe, is an improved option for you to enjoy.  Your 6-month package includes:

  • A full hour of hands on massage at each session when you arrive for your appointment on time.
  • Six months membership commitment instead of twelve months.
  • Conveniently book or reschedule your appointments from wherever you are, using your smartphone or computer, with our 24/7 online scheduling tool and mobile app.
  • The same therapist for every session unless you intentionally schedule with another therapist.  You won't be passed around here.
  • Add 30 minutes to your session for a reduced price.

Monthly and Twice-Monthly Packages are affordably priced.

Once Monthly (60 Minute Session)........$70 per month / Six-month package

Twice Monthly (60 Minute Session).......$140 per month / Six-month package

Once Monthly (90 Minute Session).......$105 per month / Six-month package

Twice Monthly (90 Minute Session.......$210 per month / Six-month package

Please Email or call me if you have any questions about the service.  I look forward to seeing you at The Lindsey Group.
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      Please note that the Appointment Booker will require you to secure your appointment with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover account.  Nothing will be charged unless there is a late cancellation.  If you choose to pay for the services you received with your credit card, please bring the card to the appointment with you.



Payment arrangements will be made at your first appointment.  Provide Visa or Mastercard for six monthly automatic charges to be processed on the first business day of each of the six months.